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Technology Strategy

Formulating strategy based on market trends and current client position. Defining investment requirements (resources, funding), target market, go-to-market, differentiation, growth plan

New Business

Creating the business case and presenting it for approval.
Establishing the new business and assistance in execution.

Raising Capital

Assisting clients in identifying requirements, preparing pitch deck, approaching and negotiating investment

Acquisitions, M&A

Identifying potential target acquisitions, undertaking technical due diligence, providing critical analysis and recommendations, execution of the acquisition and terms

Talent, workforce

Providing guidance and advice in determining the required workforce, assistance with recruitment, interviews, salary package and incentive structure. Reviewing HR policies to ensure good governance and outstanding employee performance and satisfaction.


Full sales cycle review and assistance including analysis of existing sales process, go-to-market, pitch deck creation, differentiation, presentation and training.


Full product cycle review and assistance including critical analysis of existing product and new product introduction, go-to-market, positioning, differentiation, presentation, training. Oversight and guidance of new product development.


Assistance and guidance in marketing keynotes at live customer events, and moderation of industry roundtables and panels. Advice and assistance with digital marketing and social media campaigns. Establishment and moderation of customer advisory boards.


Advice on investment in telecommunications infrastructure. Including business case development, development of request for tender documentation, tender assessment and vendor selection and negotiation.

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